From Microsoft Access to a Modern WebApp

SmarterBase has converted more than 1,000 MS Access databases to WebApps.

  • - Automated conversion to WebApp typically takes a few minutes per MS Access database.
  • - Backed by highly-scalable database technology used by Skype, Caixa Bank, Instagram and Apple.
  • - SmarterBase technology is available in a self-hosted model for business & enterprise customers.
  • - WebApps include secure multi-user web-based access, REST APIs, version control & more.
  • - WebApps use Python technology also chosen by Google, Quora, YouTube & IBM.
  • - Our team can help you further develop your WebApp from $80 USD per hour.
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Which best describes your requirements?

1. Business / Enterprise (Self-hosted / on-premises)

I have multiple MS Access Databases to convert into Web Applications

- and / or -

I want to self-host the Web Application(s) created from my MS Access database(s)

2. Individual (Hosted from $49 per month *)

I want to convert a single MS Access Database into a WebApp, hosted by SmarterBase from $49 per month*.

* first month is free


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To test drive our conversion technology:

  1. Download Northwind.accdb
  2. Visit SmarterBase for Individuals
  3. Click "Get Started" and upload Northwind.accdb